Gun Permit Applications and Appeals

Gloucester County Gun Permit Applications and Appeals Attorneys

Representing clients in Gloucester County and all of New Jersey

Owning a firearm is a constitutional right, but New Jersey does not make it an easy one to exercise. We represent New Jersey residents who apply for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards or Handgun Purchase Permits and are rejected. Common reasons for rejection are:

  • The applicant was previously convicted of or pleaded guilty to a crime – in some circumstances juvenile conduct can be a bar to gun ownership;
  • A history of domestic violence, even if it did not result in a restraining order;
  • A history of abuse of drugs or alcohol;
  • A history of mental illness;
  • A physical defect or disease that impedes the safe handling of a firearm;

Finally, there is a catch-all reason for denial: A determination that it would not be in the public interest.

No matter what the reason is for denial, the attorneys at Richardson Employment & Civil Rights Law, LLC can sift through the facts and determine whether you have a basis for a successful appeal and will advocate on your behalf.

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