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Most individuals place a high value upon their privacy and take steps to preserve it. But with the ever-forward march of technology and the increasing demands of an information-driven world, preserving your privacy is becoming increasingly difficult. New Jersey privacy laws, however, take privacy very seriously and provide remedies for those who find their privacy wrongfully violated. A New Jersey privacy lawyer from Richardson Employment & Civil Rights Law, LLC can seek judicial aid to prevent continuing violations as well as compensatory and punitive damages for past intrusions. New Jersey common law provides strong protection for the rights of individuals to privacy. In New Jersey, the tort of invasion of privacy encompasses four distinct kinds of invasions. They include the following:

  • Intrusion (such as intrusion on plaintiff’s physical solitude or seclusion, as by invading his or her home, illegally searching, eavesdropping or prying into personal affairs)
  • Public disclosure of private facts (such as making public private information about plaintiff)
  • Placing plaintiff in a false light in the public eye (which need not be defamatory, but must be something that would be objectionable to the ordinary reasonable person)
  • Appropriation, for the defendant’s benefit, of the plaintiff’s name or likeness

Protection for private conversations and other communications

In addition to these common law actions, the New Jersey Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act prohibits the interception, recording, or disclosure of private conversations without the consent of at least one of the participants, and allows aggrieved individuals to obtain injunctive relief as well as a minimum of $1,000 in civil damages. This act applies to spoken conversations as well as telephone calls, radio transmissions, e-mails, and most other types of electronic transmissions where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Personal privacy is an important right entitled to the utmost respect. Nevertheless, people all too often disrespect the privacy of others—whether for financial gain, personal reasons, or unhealthy curiosity. If you believe that someone has violated your right to privacy, contact a New Jersey employment lawyer at Richardson Employment & Civil Rights Law, LLC.

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