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Sexual harassment takes many forms. Some harassment may be very overt, such as unwelcoming touching or sexual advances. In addition, sexual harassment may also take the form of requests for sexual favors in exchange for better employment conditions or to avoid adverse employment actions such as demotion or dismissal.

But sexual harassment can also be less direct. It can take the form of verbal harassment—sexual jokes, sexual or gender-based humor, sexual propositioning, suggestive talk, sexual insinuations, or compliments. Sexual harassment can be non-verbal as well—undesired staring, obscene materials, insulting noises, obscene motions or actions. When this conduct becomes so pervasive it creates a hostile work environment, it becomes sexual harassment.

Victims of sexual harassment have rights

Regardless of the manifestation, victims of sexual harassment have rights under both state and federal law. The Woodbury, New Jersey sexual harassment lawyers of Richardson Employment & Civil Rights Law, LLC know the law regarding sexual harassment and have experience representing both management and employees in sexual harassment claims arising under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act. Whether you are a victim of sexual harassment or an employer facing allegations of sexual harassment or failing to alleviate sexual harassment by employees, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Victims of sexual harassment can be men or women, and the harassers may be of the same or opposite sex. It is the responsibility of the employer to keep its employees safe and maintain a harassment-free workplace. An employer who receives reports of sexual harassment by supervisors or employees and fails to act may be liable to the victim. If you feel that your employer has done nothing to protect you from harassment in the workplace, you need to seek legal advice from an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in Gloucester County, New Jersey today.

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