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Does Your Firm take Cases in Federal Court?

Does Your Firm Pay Referral Fees to Lawyers Who Send You Cases?


Choosing the Right Mediator

Benefits of Mediation in an Employment Dispute

What Should I Do If I Feel I’ve Been Sexually Harassed in the Workplace?

Can A Non-Compete Agreement Affect My New Business?

What To Do Regarding Termination Due To Misconduct

What To Do About Verbal Harassment

What To Do When The Company Ignores A Sexual Harassment Complaint?

What Is The Whistleblower Act?

What is the FMLA?

What is the EEOC?

What If My Manager Makes Sexual Or Discriminating Comments?

What Is Mediation and Arbitration?

What’s Important To Know About Vacation Time At Work?

What To Know About Unfair Performance Reviews

Should Employees Consult With An Attorney Before Signing A Severance Package?

Should An Employer Terminate an Employee With Previous Misconduct If They File a Complaint?

What’s Important To Know About Sexual Comments in the Workplace?

What If I Feel That My Severance Package Is Unfair?

What To Know About Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Can Employees Record Conversations at Work?

What To Know About Racism in the Workplace

Why Do Companies Hand Out Severance Packages?

What To Know About Progressive Discipline With Employees

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable in New Jersey?

What To Know About the New Jersey Discrimination and Harassment Law

Are Severance Packages Required By Law?

Is It Necessary To Have an Employee Manual?

How Can An Employer Reference Impact My Future Career?

My Co-Workers Are Making Comments That Make Me Uncomfortable, What Can I Do?

How Can Non-Compete Agreements Affect My Future Jobs?

Do You Assist Employees Who Are Facing Investigation?

Can An Employee Be Fired Due To Pregnancy?

What To Know About Making Comments Regarding Work on Social Media Websites

Can An Employee Gain Access To Their Personnel File?

My Boss Is Treating Me Differently Than Other Employees, What Can I Do?

Are Employees Required To Report Medical Diagnoses To Their Supervisor?

What Employees Should Know About Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuits

My Company Is Suddenly Demanding a Non-Compete Agreement, What Can I Do?

Can Terminated Employees Collect Unemployment?

Can I Collect Unemployment After Receiving A Severance Package?

Can Someone Record A Conversation Without Notifying The Other Party?

Can Employees Take Time Off Due To Illness?

I Received A Negative Performance Review After Disclosing A Recently Diagnosed Illness

What’s Important To Know About The Americans With Disabilities Act


What’s Important To Know About Severance Pay, Sick Pay, and Vacation Pay After Termination?

What Employers Should Know About Discrimination In The Workplace

How To Deal With A Hypersensitive Employee

How To Deal With An Employee Who Has Exhausted Their Available Time Under The FMLA

How To Deal With Long Term Employee’s Who Become Ineffective at Work

Are Employers Required To Have Job Descriptions?

What Employers Should Know About Employee’s Social Media Pages

What’s Important To Know About Social Media Comments in the Workplace?

Can Employers Ask Employees To Provide Access To Their Social Media Page?

Do Employers Owe Unused Sick Or Vacation Pay To A Terminated Employee?

Do Employers Need An Attorney To Represent Them at the EEOC?

Are Employers Required To Train All Employees on Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation?

Are Employers Required to Provide Notice Before Terminating an Employee?

Are Employer’s Required To Provide Routine Performance Evaluations?

What Employers Should Know About Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

How Often Should Employers Update Their Employee Handbook?

What Employers Should Know About Joking With Employees in the Workplace

What Employers Should Know About Suspected Drug Use in the Workplace

How Long Do I Have To Keep A Employee Who Is Out On Workers Compensation?