Benefits of Mediation in an Employment Dispute

Benefits of Mediation in an Employment Dispute

Employment Mediator in New Jersey

  • By trying to resolve a case through Mediation, you maintain control over the outcome
  • It gives you the opportunity to settle a case on terms that are acceptable to both sides
  • You do not want to put your Case in the hands of strangers, such as a Judge or Jury
  • If you bring a case to trial and go to a Jury Verdict, there is an opportunity for one or both sides to appeal
  • Mediation eliminates the possibility of Trying your Case all over again
  • Overall, Mediation will save time and expenses
  • If you achieve an agreement at Mediation, you can make a confidential agreement stating that nobody needs to know what happened
  • If a public entity is involved, the terms of the agreement will become public record

This informational video was provided by Allan E. Richardson, an experienced New Jersey Employment Lawyer.

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