Exposing Work in Social Media Websites

A problem that’s becoming more common for New Jersey employees is that their workday doesn’t necessarily end when they leave the workplace. A lot of them are venting frustrations on their Facebook posts, Twitter, other social media sites. Sometimes that gets back to the employer and that can have devastating consequences.  If you make a […]

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Employee Wants to Gain Access to their Personal File

We get a lot of questions about accessing company personnel files, and it’s always from employees who think there’s something negative in there or something that shouldn’t be in there at all. The problem is that your personnel file doesn’t belong to you; that’s the property of the company. Companies can set policies to determine […]

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Employee Being Treated Differently in the Office

We get a lot of calls from people in New Jersey who are complaining that the boss is treating them differently from other employees. On its face, there’s nothing wrong with that. An employer is entitled to treat people differently based on their performance, based on their value to the company, based on whether he […]

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Does Sick and Vacation Time Extend FMLA Time Allowance?

A concern that arises frequently among New Jersey employers involves the Family Medical Leave Act. This concern is whether the accrued vacation and sick days of an employee extends the Family Leave Act time available to them. The answer is, no. Under the Act, it is entirely appropriate for you to make an employee use […]

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Age Discrimination in New Jersey

Age discrimination is a fact of life as the Baby Boom generation ages and starts getting pushed out of the workforce when they’re not leaving voluntarily. Now, age discrimination has two different flavors. There is the federal Age Discrimination and Employment Act which protects workers who are 40 years of age and older from an […]

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What Is Important to Know about Video Recording in the Workplace?

With the increase in use of smartphones and their ability to record conversations and even take video, a lot of employers are concerned that their employees are going around recording conversations unauthorized, and wonder what they can do about it. It’s pretty easy. An employer can control the workplace, and stop employees from making unauthorized […]

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