What Are Mediation and Arbitration?

What Is Mediation and Arbitration?

Employment Mediator in Mullica Hill, NJ

  • Mediation and Arbitration are Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms that have long-standing use in the Civil Litigation System
  • Civil Litigation is the process of filing a lawsuit, investigating, and going to trial in order to determine who is right and who is wrong
  • Arbitration is a way of cutting down the time length of the Civil Litigation Process
  • There is investigation involved with Arbitration, but you will go forth in front of an Arbitrator, instead of a jury
  • Mediation is when both sides try to meet with a third party neutral in order to resolve issues
  • A Mediators only role is to bring the parties together to discuss issues of the case, resolve differences independently, and come to a reasonably satisfying, calm resolution

This informational video was provided by Allan E. Richardson, an experienced New Jersey Employment Lawyer.

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