What Is The Whistleblower Act?

What Is The Whistleblower Act?

Whistleblower Protection in Mullica Hill, NJ

  • This Act is also known as the Conscientious Employee Protection Act
  • This is designed to protect Employees who have spoken out against unlawful Acts in the Workplace
  • It is also designed to stop retaliation against the individuals who have spoken out
  • The Employee has to speak out about an unlawful practice, or a clear mandate of quality and health, in order to qualify as a Whistleblower
  • They should also prove that they suffered an adverse job action, such as a demotion, termination, transfer, or a bad assignment
  • The Employee must show that there is a cause of link between these actions
  • Reporting an internal policy violation is not enough to qualify you as a Whistleblower

This informational video was provided by Allan E. Richardson, an experienced New Jersey Whistleblower Attorney.

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