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Negotiating terms of severance packages for New Jersey clients

When you leave a company, you may be offered a severance agreement, separation agreement, severance package or severance pay. This document may be one of the most important you will ever sign. Be aware that a severance agreement could prohibit you from working in your field, bringing clients with you to your new company or prevent you from ever filing a lawsuit against the company. Therefore, it is important that an employment attorney review the terms of the severance agreement. Richardson Employment & Civil Rights Law, LLC is an effective and passionate  law firm that represents clients in the state of New Jersey through all employment legal matters. If you are offered a severance package, you should contact one of our experienced attorneys as soon as possible.

We can help negotiate these agreements. We can explain in detail the terms of your severance agreement and the risks and benefits of the agreement (including many of the risks that are unknown to an inexperienced reviewer). We also provide you a list of items you should request from the company that’s not included in the severance agreement. This allows you to negotiate with your employer to increase your severance agreement, separation agreement, severance package, severance pay or other employment contracts.

We offer two different types of services regarding the review of severance agreements:

  • We will thoroughly review your severance agreement and schedule a conference call or meeting to explain the terms and possible consequences of signing it.
  • We can negotiate with your former employer to try to revise the terms, compensation and benefits of your severance agreement.

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Richardson Employment & Civil Rights Law, LLC has been a legal resource for employees all over the state of New Jersey for many years. The firm handles all employment law matters, including discrimination, harassment, non-compete agreements, sexual harassment, whistleblower rights, unemployment appeals, state pension appeals, and more. If you are offered a severance package, you have a lot to consider. Most severance packages come with strict deadlines, so time is of the essence. If you need quality legal services,

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