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New Jersey is a “work at will” state. Without a contract, you may be fired at any time for any reason or no reason at all with obvious exceptions including retaliation for exercising your rights or termination for discriminatory reasons. Employment contracts are a way to protect your rights and interests while working for a business. An employment contract can be written, oral, or implied. In these instances, you and your employer will have an agreement as to how your job will function and possibly language that details what constitutes termination. If you are going to sign an employment contract or you think your rights have been violated according to your contract, contact an attorney today. The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. has years of employment law experience. The firm is passionate about the law and will work tirelessly to see that your interests and rights are protected.

Employment contracts: written, oral, implied

An employment contract is a great way to protect yourself against the terms of an “at-will” state, like New Jersey. As stated above, without a contract, you could be fired for any reason or no reason at all. Though there are some exceptions, without an employment contract, an employee does not have the job security they deserve. There are three types of contracts; written, implied, and oral. Simply, oral contracts are just as they seem. You and your employer have agreed on the terms of employment through a discussion. Unfortunately, they are generally weak and when disputed, need overwhelming evidence to enforce. Written contracts are usually strong and durable when one needs to enforce the terms. A written contract often states the function of the job and for what reasons one can be terminated. When an employer decides to terminate an employee with a contract, they must look at the terms of the contract in order to avoid a breach. An implied contract creates a reasonable expectation that you will continue to be employed. For example, an employee handbook can detail grounds for termination. Even though you didn’t sign anything specific to your job, it is implied that those rules also apply to you. If your employer terminates you in violation of a written, implied, or oral contract, they are in breach of contract and you may have a wrongful termination claim.

Employment contract review and negotiations

When you are asked to sign an employment contract, it is important to have an attorney review it. These documents, while protecting some rights, can provide greater authority to your employer and even impact your ability to make a living if terminated, laid off, or leave the position voluntarily. The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. is ready to assess your contract, protect your rights, and provide knowledgeable advice to help you make informed decisions about your future. If you have signed an employment contract and believe that the terms were violated by your employer, it is important to consult with an attorney to investigate the situation.

Contact a New Jersey firm with your best interests in mind

The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. has been a legal resource to people facing employment disputes for many years. Our firm has the experience you need to protect your rights and livelihood against employers who violate the terms of your contract or ask you to sign an agreement that can have lasting effects on you. The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. prides itself on the personal attention and availability provides to clients. If you are in a contract dispute, have been terminated on grounds that violate your contract, or need legal advice before signing a contract, contact The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C.

*We offer document review and a phone consultation for a flat fee of $275. Payment must be made in advance through PayPal and the documents must be scanned into PDF form. To proceed with payment and document upload, follow this link. Once we have received payment and the documents, we will schedule a consultation. By providing the consultation, we do not commit to further representation. Should you seek representation beyond this initial consultation, we will require a separate retainer agreement.

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