Gloucester County Employment Litigation Attorney

Gloucester County Employment Litigation Attorney

Employment Litigation Attorney in Mullica Hill, NJ

New Jersey workers and employers have rights. Though many of us enjoy our occupations without incident, some are not so lucky, having rights violated and lives exploited. If your rights have been violated in the workplace, you should take action to protect yourself. Contacting an attorney should be something to consider. The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. has decades of experience fighting for the rights of management and employees regarding employment and the workplace. Our firm has litigated matters from whistleblower retaliation and contract disputes to sexual harassment claims. We do not shy away from a fight. We provide zealous representation to clients in Gloucester County and across New Jersey. If you need an employment law firm to represent you in court, contact The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Our employment litigation services

The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. provides strong representation in litigation cases regarding a range of employment and workplace matters including, but not limited to:

  • Contract disputes
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Hostile work environment
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Severance packages
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Retaliation claims
  • Wage, hour, and leave violations

Contact The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C.

Taking legal action is a big step. Having quality representation that can protect your rights in and out of court is essential. For decades, The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. has been a legal resource for New Jersey workers, management, and owners. Having the experience of handling a wide range of employment matters, investigating claims, and working closely with clients to develop a strategy that meets their needs, our firm has the dedication and skill to litigate matters of employment and fight for just compensation. If you need quality legal support from an effective employment litigation law firm, contact The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. to assess your case, guide you through your legal options, and represent your needs.

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