Contract Litigation for Employees in NJ

Contract Litigation for Employees in NJ

It is important for employees to be aware of their rights. If you believe that your rights as an employee in the state of New Jersey have been violated, it is essential to speak with an attorney that can fight for your best interests and ensure that your employer is being held accountable for the wrongdoings that have been committed. One of the matters that we at The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. is well versed in handling is when a contract is disputed. While these matters can often be resolved through mediation, sometimes, it is litigation is the only way to find justice.

If you believe that the contract you signed has been breached by your employer, you may need to take legal action. Some of the matters that are often included in an employment contract include compensation, equity grants, employee responsibilities and expectations, employee hours, benefits, termination, expenses, and more.

Our firm understands that your livelihood is on the line and we are ready to stand up to an employer that has breached your employee contract. Additionally, if you believe that your employer violated your employee contract due in an effort to discriminate against you in any way, we will investigate the matter and hold them accountable. We are committed to working closely with you to find success in litigation if it becomes necessary. Contact our firm today.

The Vigilante Law Firm, P.C. has years of experience aiding clients through matters of workplace discrimination and other employment matters. If you have been the victim of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or require assistance with an employment agreementcontact our firm today.

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