Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business

Disputes are common amongst businesses, business partners, and employees. Litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and can cripple a business and relationships. As a result, there is a trend towards Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) mechanisms because of the cost of litigation can overwhelm a business. There are a number of different methods of alternative dispute resolution that may be […]

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Protecting Whistleblowers in NJ

When an employer is breaking the law and needs to be held accountable, there are sometimes a few employees that act as whistleblowers. Standing up to one’s employer is intimidating but it can make a major difference in the future of the workplace. It is important to be aware that whistleblowers are protected by law […]

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What is the difference between an employee and a contractor?

It is important that all working individuals in the state of New Jersey have an understanding of what their rights are under their work titles. One of the common questions that arise is when individuals have to determine whether they are considered an employee or an independent contractor. When it comes to understanding your benefits, […]

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What is the NJ Family Leave Act and What is Important to Know?

The New Jersey Family Leave Act (FLA) requires that employers that are bound by the law grant eligible employees time off from work in regards to the birth or adoption of a child or the serious illness of a parent, child or spouse. The FLA provides up to 12 weeks of leave in a 24-month […]

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How does Sexual Harassment relate to the LAD?

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits harassment based on protected characteristics such as race, nationality, and gender. Sexual harassment is no different. The LAD prohibits unwelcome sexual conduct and protects employees who are victimized by the conduct. According to the LAD, there are two types of sexual harassment. There is quid pro quo sexual […]

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Do Employees Have to Notify their Supervisor if Diagnosed with Illness?

We occasionally get calls from New Jersey employees who’ve been diagnosed with a bad disease, something that’s going to cause them a lot of pain, a lot of difficulty, and probably a lot of time off from work. One of the questions that they always ask is whether they should tell their boss, usually because […]

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Company Suddenly Demands a Non-compete Agreement

We get complaints from New Jersey employees every now and then that they’re being faced with a situation where their employer, even if they’ve been working there for a number of years, is suddenly requiring non-compete agreements. They’re being told that if they don’t sign they’ll be fired. They want to know what they can […]

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