Can Someone Collect Unemployment after Getting Severance Package?

We’re frequently asked whether someone who’s receiving a severance package can still claim unemployment, and that really depends on how the severance package is structured. Let me give you an example. If you have a severance package where you are entitled to a lump sum payment, then as soon as you receive that payment you […]

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Can One Party Record the Conversation without Notifying the Other?

 A question that comes up repeatedly is whether in New Jersey you can record conversations whether by phone or in person without letting the other person know, and the answer to that is yes. New Jersey is a one party notice state. What that means is as long as one party involved in the conversation […]

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Can Employers Ask New Employees to Gain Access to their Social Media?

A big concern among employers in New Jersey and nationwide for that matter is whether they’re hiring somebody who has had some really outrageous comments in social medial that would come back and reflect badly on the company. Some employers want to have access to those social media pages and ask for their passwords and […]

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Bad Reviews after Diagnosed with Illness

We got a call recently that similar to others we’ve had in the past where somebody’s just had a diagnosis of a pretty serious disease. They’ve told their employer, and all of a sudden they’re getting negative performance reviews and verbal counseling and write ups. The timing is very suspicious and in circumstances such as […]

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Hostile Work Environment

We get calls complaining about hostile work environments on a regular basis. Well, the workplace may be hostile but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unlawfully hostile. There’s no requirement under the law for an employer to treat the employees with dignity and respect. If your boss is a raving shouting lunatic, there’s really nothing you […]

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