Can Employers Ask New Employees to Gain Access to their Social Media?

Can Employers Ask New Employees to Gain Access to their Social Media?

shutterstock_187286180A big concern among employers in New Jersey and nationwide for that matter is whether they’re hiring somebody who has had some really outrageous comments in social medial that would come back and reflect badly on the company. Some employers want to have access to those social media pages and ask for their passwords and user names so they can get on and see what people have done. That’s not a good idea and in fact is now unlawful in New Jersey. You can’t get access to them. However, there’s nothing to stop you from going on line and seeing what they have posted publicly because that’s fair game. One of the caveats is that you must have a policy about this. In other words, you can’t single out one employee and look at their Facebook page and not do it to other employees. Make it a uniform policy and, even better, hire an outside agency to do that work for you so you’re getting an independent view of it.

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