Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business

Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business

Disputes are common amongst businesses, business partners, and employees. Litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and can cripple a business and relationships. As a result, there is a trend towards Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) mechanisms because of the cost of litigation can overwhelm a business.

There are a number of different methods of alternative dispute resolution that may be explored if a business needs to handle a matter. Some of these include the following:

  • Negotiation¬†traditionally occurs directly between the parties and their counsel and does not involve a neutral third party. Negotiation is challenging for some individuals because it requires them to compromise.¬†
  • Mediation¬†is a method that is commonly used in business. It is significantly less expensive and takes a lot less time than litigation does. A mediator does not have the ability to force the parties involved to make a decision.
  • Arbitration¬†a neutral arbitrator renders a decision, that is referred to as an award after there has been a presentation of evidence. There are a few different types of arbitration:¬†
    • Binding arbitration
    • Non-binding arbitration
    • Final-offer arbitration, where all parties involved submit their “best and final” offer to the arbitrator. The arbitrator will choose one of the decisions that have been submitted.
  • Collaborative Law,¬†where both parties are represented by a collaborative attorney and agree not to litigate. Combines mediation and negotiation in an effort to come to a resolution.

Business disputes can be detrimental. With the help of alternative dispute resolution, both parties involved can save a lot of time and money. If you need assistance with a business dispute, contact our firm today.

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