Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

shutterstock_11176225A number of years ago, Congress decided to protect workers around the country and not just workers but individuals who suffer from a disability. The goal is to try and bring them into the mainstream of society and let them participate to the fullest extent that their disabilities will permit. The outcome of that at the federal level is the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the work place, this prohibits an employer from discriminating against a disabled or handicapped employee in the terms of conditions and employment and further requires an employer to make a reasonable accommodation to an individual’s disabilities. The law goes farther than just workplace though, it also requires public accommodations such as restaurants, hotels, bars to make themselves accessible in a reasonable manner to individuals with disabilities so that they can enjoy the social life that other people have within the limits of their own disabilities. New Jersey’s law against discrimination essentially does the same thing on a state level and is equally as powerful. Anyone with any kind of restriction on their abilities should understand that these acts are there to protect you.

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