Helping Employees Who Faced Investigation

Helping Employees Who Faced Investigation

police car arrest lightsWe get calls on a frequent basis from New Jersey employees who are facing investigation in the workplace. We’re talking here about private sector employees. They often ask if they can hire us to help them through this. Well, we can help you to a certain extent but if it’s an internal investigation by your employer, they’re under no obligation at that point to deal with us. They don’t have to bring us into this investigation. They don’t have to allow us to be present through any kind of discussions with you. They know that the only thing we can do is clean up the mess after that fact if they take the wrong step. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consult with us so that you have an idea what it is that you may be facing, but as far as hiring us that maybe premature. See how it goes and then we’ll go on from there.

This short informational blog was provided by Allan Richardson, a New Jersey Employment Attorney for Employers. Please contact the law firm with any questions you may have and set up your initial consultation.


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