Do Employees Have to Notify their Supervisor if Diagnosed with Illness?

Do Employees Have to Notify their Supervisor if Diagnosed with Illness?

Businesspeople in a MeetingWe occasionally get calls from New Jersey employees who’ve been diagnosed with a bad disease, something that’s going to cause them a lot of pain, a lot of difficulty, and probably a lot of time off from work. One of the questions that they always ask is whether they should tell their boss, usually because they’re concerned about losing their jobs, which is totally understandable. You don’t have to tell your boss anything about your medical condition unless it directly affects your employment and the company has ample reason to inquire about it. That doesn’t happen as often as you might think. What will arise though is if your treatment requires you to go out on Family Medical Leave or the New Jersey equivalent. Then you’ll have to release some information about your medical condition. You will at least have to have a certification from a physician saying that you’re treatment will require you to be out for awhile. Other than that, it’s really none of your boss’s business what’s going on. Fortunately, most people have a good enough relationship with their employer where they can share this information because often your employer and your co-workers make up a good support group. You only have to look at the situation you’re in rather than look at a blanket statement that might not cover everybody.

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