What Can I Do If I Feel Bullied or Intimidated in the Workplace?

What Can I Do If I Feel Bullied or Intimidated in the Workplace?


We routinely get inquiries from New Jersey employees about circumstances where being subjected to bullying or intimidation or harassment by their supervisor but they’re afraid to go over his head and report him to his supervisor because of fear of retaliation. This is a well-grounded fear. There’s no question that a lot of employees have been let go or otherwise damaged in the workplace because they’ve jumped the chain of command to report wrong doing by their immediate supervisor.

You need to talk to an attorney who is experienced in this area of law, to make a determination just what you should do because you really have only two options. One is to gut it out and report the bullying and hope not to have any adverse consequences. Two, hire the attorney to contact the harasser’s supervisor to try to straighten the situation out. Third, file a law suit, but you need to have a full understanding of, not only what the facts of your situation are and whether they fit into a law suit, but also an understanding of what you face if you do file suit.

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