What happens after I file a complaint with the Division of Civil Rights in NJ?

What happens after I file a complaint with the Division of Civil Rights in NJ?

EEOCWhen our clients’ rights are violated, we will work to ensure their future is not impacted. If we have helped you file a complaint with the Division of Civil Rights, you may be wondering what comes next. Often, if a complaint is accepted and a response from the respondent is provided, the DCR will begin an investigated. There are three possible outcomes to the investigation. Generally, a “finding of probable cause” means that they have found that probably cause exists to credit the allegations of the Verified Complaint. When the investigation come back with a “finding of no probable cause”, the investigation has found no evidence of wrongdoing and the case is closed. If the investigation comes back with an “agency determination”, the investigation has found some of the allegations to have some validity. Following the investigation, the Director will review the case give their opinion on the matter.  From here, the case will go through the process  of conciliation, where the DCR tries to settle the matter. If nothing can be settled, the case will go to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and a full hearing will take place.

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