What is the EEOC and what should I know about it?

When a NJ employer faces charges from the EEOC, they may come to us and ask what it is and what it means for their business. The EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is the governing body that investigates complaints against employers who break federal law regarding discrimination, harassment, and more. The EEOC will work to […]

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Discrimination in Workplace

One area of law that is of great concern to employers in New Jersey is New Jersey’s law against discrimination. This is one of the most powerful laws in favor of employees in the country. It covers not only discrimination but also harassment and retaliation against employees who have spoken out against discrimination or harassment. […]

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Do Employers Require to Have Job Descriptions?

There’s no statute, law, or provision anywhere that requires you to have job descriptions. However, it’s a very good practice. If you don’t have a description of what somebody is supposed to be able to do for you, then how can you justifiably say the person isn’t doing his job? Here again, it’s a question […]

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