What is the EEOC and what should I know about it?

When a NJ employer faces charges from the EEOC, they may come to us and ask what it is and what it means for their business. The EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is the governing body that investigates complaints against employers who break federal law regarding discrimination, harassment, and more. The EEOC will work to […]

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Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Law

We have a little advice to any employee who suspects that they are being subjected to discrimination, harassment or retaliation in the workplace or who is undergoing a change in how their employer sees them. That advice is to keep track of what’s going on. You owe it to yourself to do a complete write […]

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Discrimination in Workplace

One area of law that is of great concern to employers in New Jersey is New Jersey’s law against discrimination. This is one of the most powerful laws in favor of employees in the country. It covers not only discrimination but also harassment and retaliation against employees who have spoken out against discrimination or harassment. […]

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How Long Do I Have to Keep an Employee who is on Workers’ Comp?

One of the real vexing issues for a New Jersey employer is how long he has to keep an employee, or at least keep a job open for an employee, who’s out on workers’ comp. There’s no hard and fast answer to that question. Legitimately, if somebody is out beyond the amount of time that […]

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Employee Request Accommodation from Employer

There are occasions when an employee has some kind of health condition that makes him require a reasonable accommodation. For example, an employee is injured and unable to drive and suggests that he work from home. Now, this could be a reasonable accommodation if the employee is the sort who can work on a computer […]

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Employee Handbook Update

I have several clients who have wonderful employee handbooks for the 20th century. They haven’t updated them in years. This could be a fatal error. The law’s changing with great frequency, especially laws governing employment. I recommend that you at least take a good hard look at your employee handbook once a year, to make […]

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Employer Feels Harassed When Employee Jokes

A lot of employers are lighthearted individuals and they think that joking with the people they employ is going to make their day and raise morale, and up to a certain point they’re absolutely right. Nobody wants to come and deal with a gloomy boss, but you’ve got to be careful. The way the law […]

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Do Employers Require to Have Job Descriptions?

There’s no statute, law, or provision anywhere that requires you to have job descriptions. However, it’s a very good practice. If you don’t have a description of what somebody is supposed to be able to do for you, then how can you justifiably say the person isn’t doing his job? Here again, it’s a question […]

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