Do Employers Need an Attorney to Represent at an EEOC Complaint?

A good number of disgruntled employees will file a charge with EEOC rather than follow a law suit immediately. If they’re pursuing a federal claim, they’re required to do so before filing suit, but they’re not required to do so if they’re filing under New Jersey’s law against discrimination. One of the questions comes up, […]

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Do Employers Have to Train All Employees on Discrimination?

A lot of employers really question whether it’s worth it to train their employees in the harassment, discrimination, and retaliation laws of New Jersey, so that they know what kind of behavior is unacceptable and how to report it when it happens. They do complain that it’s a very expensive process and they’re right, but […]

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Do Employers Have to Provide Notice Before Terminating Employment?

A question we get with some frequency from New Jersey employers is whether they have to provide written notice or a warning to an employee before letting them go for misconduct or for any reason at all. The short answer is no. There’s no requirement that you engage in progressive discipline. There’s no requirement you […]

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What’s Important to Know about Social Media Comments in the Workplace

With the advent of social media, a lot of people are getting very loose with their comments, and some of those comments can affect their employer. When you find out about somebody making comments about your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media, you really need to put a stop to it. One […]

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New Employees Social Media Pages

A growing concern among employers is that they’re hiring people with a large social media history that maybe distasteful. One of the questions is whether you can take into consideration in your hiring process what people have posted online, and the answer clearly is yes. There is nothing wrong with using that information. The question […]

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Letting Long-Term Employee Go Due to Ineffectiveness

An issue that comes up with some frequency is how to deal with a long time employee who just doesn’t have it anymore. Sometimes he’s just run out of gas. Sometimes they’re not keeping up with changes in the workplace and somebody who was valuable at one point simply isn’t anymore. The question is what […]

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