How To Stop Sexual Comments Made In The Workplace

How To Stop Sexual Comments Made In The Workplace

boss sexual harassmentEvery now and then, we find an employer in New Jersey who just doesn’t get it. These are guys who make sexual comments around female employees and make them uncomfortable but either doesn’t care or doesn’t notice. This is a very serious problem for the employee because if it’s the ultimate boss who is making these comments, how do you get the person to stop without putting your job at risk? If you have an employer who is making these comments, either directly at you or around you but which you can hear, then either go through the formal complaint mechanism if you think you can trust it and if there is one, or see an attorney who is experienced in employment law and go through your options with him. Sometimes a letter alone can stop the harassment.

This short informational blog was provided by Allan Richardson, a New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyer.

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